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Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that provides benefits to workers who are injured or have become physically ill while working on the job. It helps compensate them for medical costs and lost wages while they are on sick leave. 

Workers’ compensation insurance covers injury of any major body part, illness caused by the job environment like emphysema, tuberculosis, asthma, repetitive injuries caused by any motion,  permanent impairment, rehabilitation, and death. 

Workers’ comp will provide coverage to the employee regardless of the condition and cause of injury. Workers’ compensation insurance exists to protect the employee from any sort of harm.

Solution Providers ensure the welfare of their employees and make it the utmost priority. We offer an insurance policy that safeguards our employees as per the state laws and provides medical care, death, disability or impairment, and rehabilitation benefits. We offer to take care of the compensation and benefits related to the employers’ who are insured under their state’s laws.

Workers’ comp protects employers and employees. It protects employers by paying for the costs required to treat an employee’s work-related illnesses or injuries. Workers’ compensation protects employees by giving them financial aid in the event of unexpected medical costs. 

You should file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as possible. To file a workers’ comp claim, you need the information of the injured. Some standard information you’ll need to send to your insurance company includes:

  • Company name and account number
  • Identification information of the sick or injured employee (name, birth date, address, phone number, gender, etc.)
  • A detailed description of the incident (date, time, type of injury, injured body parts, witness information, medical information, estimation of hours lost, estimated return date, etc.)

Once you have obtained all the necessary information you should send a claim to your insurance company.

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