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An extremely diligent medical group specializing in surgery, with multiple offices spanning over Brooklyn and NJ required better benefits and pricing than where they were at currently. The current PEO was delivering but they were unable to bypass the current processes in order to help the medical group move forth. Their health insurer, Careconnect, was going off the market and the nearest plans they could avail in reasonable rates were 20% more expensive. Also, the plans available were limited in terms of networking and had certain restrictions pertaining to location, especially NJ, which was problematic for students living away from homes.


Our PEO set up a meeting with the medical group and their HR, Tech and Compliance team in order to comprehend the exact situation and what they needed. A better offer was then devised and presented to them at a better price. Additionally, the PEO also extended a customized plan that kept the group’s current procedures intact while making sure they remained compliant with the federal, local and state legalities.


The medical group now extends innovative benefits that the employees require while saving money on their end. This was made possible due to our competitive PEO pricing. The network is a broad national PPO network offering 35% below NY Small Group Community Rating. The group’s original processes remain in place so they are able to direct their focus on helping patients instead of fretting about learning new systems and catching up on current compliance matters.


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